想卖掉你在宝藏海岸的房子? It's important to understand that if you expect to make money on your home, you've got to give yourself plenty of time to prepare, and that can mean starting to plan months ahead of the date you'd actually like to move out of your home. Here's a timeline that covers what to expect before, 在, 在你列出你在宝藏海岸的家之后.


成功地卖掉房子, you can't just stick a For Sale sign in the front yard; you need to put in a little pre-work first! Here's what needs to happen before you even list your home for sale.

2 +月:


这是至关重要的第一步! Enlisting the help of an experienced agent who understands your needs to guide you through the process will save you time and a lot of headache - and will of course get your home sold more quickly and for more money than trying to list your home on your own.

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6 - 8周:


Your real estate agent will do a thorough walkthrough of your home and will likely make recommendations on both minor and major repairs or improvements you should consider. 另外, you should be proactive about any known maintenance issues to your home, 因为这些会在检查时浮出水面.

Value-boosting home improvements can include projects such as painting your home (inside or outside), 再加工硬木地板, 修理或更换你的屋顶或壁板, 安装新的车库门或前门, 做一些园艺或美化, 更新或修理您的暖通空调系统, or even performing minor kitchen and bathroom repairs, 例如更新地板, 重修的橱柜, 安装新的硬件和固定装置, 更换或重铺台面.

4 - 8周:


Another crucial step to ensuring the highest return when you sell your home is finding a competitive price. You will want to consider the price of nearby homes that have recently sold, the prices of nearby homes currently on the market, and the condition and location of your specific home. 请求一份社区销售报告 和你的房地产经纪人一起寻找 合适的挂牌价格.

1 - 4周(s):


希望, you have already started decluttering some of the bigger collections of unused furniture and other items stored in your attic, 地下室, 或壁橱. Continue to work through your home, removing clutter, junk, and even personal decor. Start deep cleaning your home, really targeting the nooks and crannies.

然后,和你的经纪人一起 舞台上你的家 所以很简洁, 欢迎, and depersonalized (allowing your buyers to picture their own personal touches in their potential new home).

最后, take professional photographs that will highlight your home's best features and give buyers a great impression of your home - right from their computer, 平板电脑, 或电话.


好吧! You've done all the prep work, and now for the actual process of showing and selling your home. Here's what to expect once your home actually hits the market, and that For Sale sign appears in the front yard.


The key to 出售一个家 is in finding the right buyers, and that requires a lot of marketing and advertising. This is where working with a skilled agent can really pay off. 熟练的上市代理是熟练的营销人员. They know where to find the best buyers for your home, 他们可以接触到丰富的资源, 包括网上上市服务, 印刷广告分布, 社交媒体上有大量的粉丝, 甚至本地代理网络.


In addition to scheduled open houses, your home can be shown at any time, so be prepared. 保持它的整洁、有序和布置. Don't leave dirty dishes or laundry lying around, 一定要定期除尘和吸尘, and promptly address any potential clutter buildups. 另外, you should be ready to clear out of the house 在 showings to avoid making buyers uncomfortable.


如果买家想买你的房子, 他们会给你一份书面报价, 通常会说他们要付多少钱, 他们的抵押贷款金额, 收租日期, 和任何突发事件. You can either accept the offer or negotiate for different terms.

谈判可以包括你自己的意外情况, such as a first right of refusal if your buyer's offer is contingent on selling their home, making the offer contingent on you buying another home, or adding contingencies for 收租日期 or buyer financing.


You've negotiated with your buyer and accepted an offer. But it's not time to sit back and relax just yet - there are still a few more steps to go through to ensure everything is in order before you get your check and hand over your keys.


Once you and the buyer have agreed upon an offer, you will both sign a legal contract called a Purchase and Sale Agreement. This outlines the specific terms, conditions, and contingencies of the home sale.


下一个, the buyer will hire an inspector to ensure that no major repairs will be needed after they buy the house. The inspector will go through every inch of the house, 要特别注意屋顶, 地下室, 加热和冷却系统, 结构, 管道, 和电气. If the inspector finds any needed repairs, the buyer can negotiate for the costs of the repairs.


接下来,您将进入托管. 在这段时间, you and your agent will work with an escrow company to complete paperwork and ensure that all parts of the contract are complete.


在预定的截止日, you and your buyer will sit down with your agents to sign all the paperwork and pay all your fees. You will relinquish your keys and your property title, and you will receive a check for the remaining balance after the remainder of your mortgage is paid to your bank. 恭喜你卖掉了你的房子!

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